DIY Digital: The Top Free Resources for Learning the Basics

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If you don’t know your zipped files from your malware, or if cookies are just great snacks, you may need to brush up on your digital knowledge. Not everyone has kept up with the technological boom, and some of us need some extra help. Having a basic understanding not just helps you in everyday modern life, it also stands you in better stead in the job market. So, don’t let those voice activated thingamajigs laugh at you from the corner of the room any longer. Instead, check out these free resources to learn the basics of the online world.


Google Digital Garage

Google has created its own online learning space, where users are able to gain skills and even certification in a number of areas. All of the courses are designed to provide real benefit to people who are looking to advance their career in the modern world. From learning about the fundamentals of digital marketing to the basics of coding, Google is offering one of the best free online platforms to brush up on your digital knowledge. It’s not just about courses either – users can sign up to face-to-face coaching brought to you by local providers.


Facebook Blueprint

For those that know a thing or two about technology, but hide behind the sofa when talk turns to social media advertising and analytics, this one’s for you. Facebook understands that many businesses could benefit from their advertising options, but are reluctant to try due to a lack of knowledge. Therefore, they provide free online training so users can get the most out of the platform. These lessons are short and concise, and they include videos to help all types of learners.

It’s also important to note that Facebook Blueprint does not just cater to marketers, but they also teach the basics of using their social media platform for everyday actions, like posting statuses and sharing content.  



You were expecting some other flashy site you’ve never heard of before, weren’t you? Well, one of the best online resources for understanding how the digital world works is in fact YouTube. More and more businesses are uploading explainer videos and tutorial videos to their own YouTube channels. There is no doubt that YouTube has grown over the last few years, and with it an increasing number of people are discovering hints, tricks and sharing insightful knowledge. Although it may be easier to end up distracted and watching cat videos on this platform, it sure does have its advantages.


Get More Help Online with Web Monkey Studios

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