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Rory and Jeneane approached webmonkeystudio with the concept of creating a website where clients can purchase mobile phone shins for a range of mobiles and tablets, they also wanted the functionality to give the client the options for creating their own design on the mobile phone skins.

They stated they was looking for a aesthetically pleasing and easy to use website, that would serve the purpose of selling their products.

The project

What we did

The webmonkeystudio team designed and developed a site of the highest standard for Rory and Jeneane, using a CMS system and WooCommerce the team was able to create an easy manageable eCommerce website with all the functionality required, the team also used an edited piece of software for the create your own skin option on the site, 100’s of custom skin options for the create your own. And each phone and tablet had 33 finishes that had custom artwork developed to showcase the finish

Rory and Jeneane asked the team to add specific models onto the site they were 7 laptops models, 19 phone models and 6 tablet models, each of these models and 33 finishes and 100’s of custom skin finishes giving the user multiple options to create their skin.

The webmonkeystudio team also added the functionality so that users can upload their own imagery to be placed onto the skin, and this also gave the option to add text.

On completion of the site Rory and Jeneane were given full training and an informational booklet on how to maintain and add new products to their site.


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