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Web Design

Web design

What is web design?

Web design is the bare bones of a website – the place from which your website is born. It is the job of a web designer to plan, build and create a website to your exact requirements. This includes everything from the layout of a website to the colours, fonts, graphics, images and structures you want and need, as well as creating the interactive features that deliver pages for your visitors to see and interact with.

Why should web design matter to you?

Your layout and website design is what gives your customers, and potential customers, a first impression of you and your business. It will determine rather quickly (normally in a matter of seconds), whether or not they’d like to interact with you. Your website can provide you with lots of new business, or it can result in you losing potential customers if it isn’t up to standard.

You need to ask yourself whether the website design you have lets the reader know exactly what your business is about before they even start to read any content. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

You want your website design to be clear and uncluttered, to make it easier for your audience to navigate around. You also want the web designs to be as unique as possible, allowing you to stand out from your competitors.

Remember to work out exactly what it is you want from your website. It can be anything from wanting more sales to wanting more people to get in touch, or for more people to read your content. By clearly defining your targets and goals for the website it will help to target the right audience for your website and help make sure that your chosen design works for your business.

How can webmonkeystudio help?

We are a creative, passionate team dedicated to all things web related. Our website designers in Kent work closely with you to design your dream website, suited to your unique specification. Our bespoke sites provide an outstanding user experience, incorporating the latest technologies and design elements to create the perfect outcome. By building your website with you from the ground up, keeping your clientele and search engines in mind, we can create a complete, bespoke website design, which opens up infinite functional and visually creative possibilities. We understand what your customer wants – all you have to do is let us help.

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