Should You Be Worried About Voice Search?

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We’ve stopped texting and started talking to each other again. Well, kind of – and we do seem to be in the middle of a voice search revolution. Google has even reported that 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search on their devices, including mobile phones, and even on desktops and laptops. So, should you be worried about the growth of voice search? We don’t mean the zombies-are-coming type of worried, but should you be worried that your business’s website is not keeping up?


Playing the Long Game

When we signed up to owning a business and its website, we silently agreed that we would play the long game with it. Nobody sets up a website with a lot of time and effort then leaves it to bask in first place glory on search engines forever. We have to work hard to maintain its rankings with updated SEO techniques.

We have to adapt to change and continue with SEO optimisation for as long as the site is live and active. Now, we may not have foreseen such a shift as we are currently experiencing with voice searches, but as more people start voice searching, it may play a huge part in the rankings of our websites. This could affect any business – in any industry.


The Relationship Between SEO and Voice Search

How we type into search engines and how we deliver voice searches to virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri is completely different. Whereas we use short and often ungrammatical searches when typing, our language is much more conversational and queries tend to be longer when speaking. Moreover, we no longer have to state parts of our search when speaking to virtual assistants, because they already have information on us. For example, you can say “near me” rather than typing in the best espressos in a certain location.

There are also changes in the way we receive search results when using voice searches. Before we had to look for the right website and then click it to find the answer to our search, but now our digital friend will read the answer back to us. As a result of these changes, we need to incorporate new techniques into our SEO practices, including:


  • We need to incorporate longer SEO keywords and natural language
  • We need to give direct answers to direct questions
  • We should prioritise question keywords – add more FAQs!
  • Make your site faster. This is recommended because voice search results come from sites that are almost four times faster than the average website
  • Use more ‘near me’ type keywords


Help Your Site Embrace the Revolution

Many of the things that make a website ready for voice searches are content related. Yet, there are many other aspects to voice search SEO that website developers need to get their hands on. Discover how we at Web Money Studios can help you embrace the voice search revolution. Our past clients are shouting about us – and you will be too!

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