What to look for in a CMS?

Choosing A CMS
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With the content driven world that we live in, having a site built with a strong CMS (Content Management System) is crucial. Your customers will be expecting up to date and consistent content, and a good CMS allows you to be able to upload, edit and adjust content in real time. What key things should you look for in a CMS?

1. Simple admin

Having an easy to use admin dashboard makes content production that little bit easier. Make sure your CMS has things such as: plug-in and module compatibility, an ability to track scheduled content, site notifications, and is able to let you manage editor and contributor user roles.

2. Functional

You need to know what your website’s main aim is and what you hope for it to do. Based on this, you can choose a CMS that meets your needs. It’s best to try out different CMS’ to ensure it does everything you need it to do – and at a really good standard. Some CMS platforms are better than others (even when it comes to basic functions), so always do your research.

3. SE friendly

A good CMS will already have SEO tools built in to help make URLs that are search-engine and reader friendly. It will also help you create image alt tags, keywords, optimise headings and more.

4. Customisable

It is best to avoid a CMS that isn’t very flexible and only uses ready made site structures. Instead, opt for a CMS that allows for a lot of creativity, and gives you the chance to show off your site in your own way.

5. Social media tools

It is extremely important that your CMS has an easy platform for integrating social media sharing buttons. Sometimes, your CMS can be automatically linked to one of your social platforms, so that whenever you publish any new content, this is also posted out on social media. Using Open Graph tags also optimises the content display on a variety of social sites, which is an extremely important social CMS component.

6. CMS that will grow

It is wise to choose a CMS that will serve you just as well in the future, as much as it will in the present – growing with you as your business does. There may be certain tools you don’t need for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need them in the future. So make sure to have a CMS that has the ability to evolve, and can allow you to edit numerous sites.

Although it may seem like a monumental task with so many CMS choices out there, the key is to choose one which will meet your site needs in the future, as well as now, and can grow with you.
Want some advice when it comes to choosing a CMS? We can help. Check out our CMS services page, or get in touch for more information.

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