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Emma Keating is a jewellery designer and silversmith, creating beautiful silver jewellery using traditional silversmithing and lost wax casting techniques. Emma wanted a gorgeous website to showcase her amazing jewellery and easily manage the content and products on the website.

Emma Keating Jewellery
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What we did

We designed and developed Emma Keating a website for her to showcase all of her jewellery in an easy and gorgeous way. Completely responsive from the ground up to make sure anyone visiting Emma’s site can easily navigate through her jewellery.







Emma Keating Jewellery

Here's what they had to say

As a designer of highly individual sterling silver jewellery, I was looking for a website that matched the quality and professionalism that I seek to achieve, that told a story about my products – but that avoided the “hard sell” feel. After starting to build my website myself, I soon realised that I needed professional help and approached WebMonkeyStudio. I have been thrilled by their sensitivity to and consideration of my ideas and the speed at which we reached a final design. I now have a highly professional website, which complements my jewellery perfectly and over which I have full control.

As a footnote – on the strength of a very quick visit to my website, I have just been offered the opportunity to participate in a very prestigious event.

Emma Keating // Emma Keating Jewellery

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