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What is print design?

Print design is bringing your digital logo or graphic design to life onto printed materials. It allows you to communicate with your customers and clients in a professional manner, leaving them with a positive, long lasting impression.

There are many different types of print designs including: business cards, product labels, flyers, brochures and outdoor banners to name but a few. All of them enable your business to make an impact in real life, providing your audience with qualities you cannot reproduce on screen.

Why should graphic print design matter to you?

Print design is a way of freeing your digital designs from the ties of the web, letting them be brought to life through your business cards and letter heads. This lets your customers and fellow business contacts understand you in a non-digital way.

It’s always good to remember that, although we live in a digital world, it is still extremely important to connect in a hands on way too. It is a way of showcasing your company and its identity to your recipient through physical material, making your business spring into real life.

It also helps to create a feeling that the recipient has a real piece of your company; that it is authentic, prestigious and has a sense of value, showing how easy it is to communicate with you in a variety of ways – digitally and non-digitally.

How can webmonkeystudio help you?

Our team here at webmonkeystudio are artistic, passionate and dedicated to exceeding all of your digital needs. We work closely with you so that we can understand exactly what you want and how you want it, before making it happen for you. We understand the importance of getting your business out into the real world and into your audience’s hands, so we will only produce the best, high quality graphic design work to portray your business in the best way possible for print.

Based in Canterbury, Kent, we offer a full service for print design, both standalone and tied in with the rest of your desired brand design. Bring your business to life today by getting in touch with us to help make your print design dreams a reality, and get them out there for your customers and potential customers to see and hold.

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