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Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding

What is logo design and branding identity?

The logo of a company is different to a company’s brand. A company’s logo is a way for people to identify who they are instantly, giving them a visual presence in the minds of their customer.

However, it does not totally describe them or the business, directly. Brand identity is how a company wants to be seen by the consumers, and how the consumers actually see them, which starts to structure a personality of the brand. There are several elements that can help create a brand’s awareness, including the logo, company colours and the company name, for example.

Why should logo design and branding identity matter to you?

It’s important for your company to have a unique, recognisable, attractive and memorable logo that can distinguish you from your competitors. It will also give potential customers a good and strong first impression of who the company is, and what they’re about. This in turn will kick off the creation of your brand’s identity.

Brand identity matters. It’s all about how a company is perceived and identified, and let’s the customer know exactly what they are getting. It can take a while for a brand’s identity to establish itself, especially if there are similar companies offering similar services or products to you. This is why a company’s design, font, slogan and logo are so important. You don’t want to blend in with competitors, you want to stand out from the crowd and grab the consumer’s attention. Give them something to remember you by. You don’t necessarily need the brightest or loudest design; sometimes the simpler the better.

Don’t forget, the way a company looks and the way it is perceived will get customers and clients talking. And talking, in a positive way, is always a good thing. Get your logo and branding right, and the positivity will flow.

How can webmonkeystudio help you?

Our enthusiastic and devoted team are dedicated to all things related to the web. Based in Kent, our designers work closely with you to professionally create and design the ideal logo to suit your needs. This will help you to set your business apart, allowing you to mould your own brand identity – with a little help from webmonkeystudio.

We pride ourselves on our distinctive, unique and appealing branding and logo design. There’s no better time than the present to communicate your brand message, so get in touch with us today to help get your business out there and start getting the recognition you deserve.

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