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Why should you use WordPress?

Why should you use WordPress?

Why should you use WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the biggest content management system (CMS) around, with 23% of the internet’s websites made on WordPress. WordPress is extremely popular; it’s used on over 70 million sites, to be precise. Part of this is down to it being free and easy to use, plus it can be used with a multitude of codes as it’s an open source.

What types of websites can be made on WordPress?

You can create absolutely any kind of site with WordPress, from eCommerce sites to blogs and photography portfolios and many, many more. There are around 2600+ WordPress themes and 31,000+ WordPress plugins, so the WordPress possibilities are endless!

Search engines love WordPress

As WordPress is made up from top quality coding and adheres to the best coding practices around, it automatically makes your site appealing to search engines. You can enhance your site’s existing 99% SEO friendliness even more by installing a WordPress SEO plugin.

WordPress is already optimised to have faster page load times, as well as many other SEO friendly elements, such as: XML sitemap, responsive web design, social media integration, optimisation of images, variety of navigation options and more.

Easy and simple to use

Regardless of your web design experience, WordPress is easy to use. It comes equipped with an updater in the dashboard that regularly updates your themes and plugins. You can also customise and truly make your mark on your site’s branding via the admin dashboard too.

If you are more confident, you can also edit and customise a theme by manually changing its codes. But if customising themes isn’t your forte, that’s where we come in! You can also rest assured that all your content is protected, as you can set up regular WordPress backups.

Multimedia friendly

WordPress is supportive of lots of different media files, supporting: images, audio and videos in its posts/pages. WordPress also caters for document and file management – you can easily edit these files once uploaded too!

How can webmonkeystudio help?

If you’re not confident enough to take the CMS plunge, or would just like a bit of techy support with your WordPress site, we are on hand to help! We have spent many years dealing with a variety of different content platforms, and our passionate team in Canterbury will work with you to help create your desired outcome. Find out more about our Content Management services!


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