5 most important things to ask your web designer

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Hiring a web designer can be tricky. Much like decorating your home, your website must be a livable and attractive space on the web; somewhere you are happy to be! Selecting a web designer can feel a little like you have handed over the keys to your home to a total stranger. So, here are five questions you can ask potential designers to help you breathe a little easier during the web creation process.

Consider your meeting with your potential web designer a little like an interview. They will be doing work that represents you, and it is important that their work reflects that. They should also make you feel comfortable about asking questions and be open in discussing their design process.

  1. Referrals.

Before you speak to your potential web designer, speak to their previous clients. Establishing levels of satisfaction not only with the company’s initial work, but also their level of customer care after project completion, should give you an idea of how they value their clients.

  1. Check examples, naturally.

But ask WHO will be doing your work. If the company outsource then the designer of your website may not be the same designer who created the examples, and will have a different style. Asking to meet the team who will be working on your site will establish if they do outsource.

  1. How many changes are you allowed to make if you don’t like the initial design?

Whilst it’s likely that you select an agency whose design style suits you, there may be changes, like font style or colour scheme, that you want to tweak – without incurring extra charges! Discuss the creative process and stages of sign-off so you have a clear line of sight on where you will be able to discuss the development progress.

  1. Will the site’s structure be SEO friendly? Will it be user friendly?

A pretty face is not enough. Having an attractive site is not the same as a well designed site. Your site should have good navigation and a logical layout, as a minimum for both users and search engines. Asking your potential designer about SEO should reveal if they are savvy with this vital element of website creation. Consider asking them about whether they promote user centred design and how they test UX.

  1. Can I change stuff in the future? What about trouble-shooting?

Are they providing you with a CMS (Content Management System) or platform on which you are able to make and implement your own changes? Or are you planning on paying them every time you would like something changed? Similarly, ask about trouble-shooting. If you aren’t technically savvy and will need assistance with issues, are they going to be on hand to help during real-time business hours. If you need a quick turnaround for resolving any issues, then you need a responsive team.

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