How does blogging fit into your business web design strategy?

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Whether you are using your site for good or evil, B2B or B2C, blogging is surprisingly integral to your success. Whether you are at the stage of design, development or ongoing optimisation, you should be considering your blog plan at every step of the way.


Why? Because your blog is your company’s voice. It’s a way to express your opinions, share news and promote exciting ways of thinking beyond just the service you offer. It also has great SEO potential!


Now that we can tell you’re totally sold on the idea, we’re gonna tell you all about how you can make sure blogging fits into your current web design project.

Plan, plan, plan

In case you hadn’t guessed by the super cryptic header – planning is the first step to success with blogging. Make sure that from the outset you know whether or not you want to blog, and then use that decision when planning your website design and navigation. That way, a blog feature will be included from the start, and in prime position in the nav. Which leads us onto our next point…

Ensure that your blog is visible

Navigation is everything, and the same rule applies for blogging. If you bury your blog or make it hard to find then you’re not going to see any success, even if you’re producing great content. Make life easy for people – they’ll appreciate it.

Take a step back

If you want to know what readers are going to like, you have to start thinking like them. Start thinking about your readers from the design phase and you’re sure to end up with a more user-friendly blog interface by the time you launch. Will they want to be able to comment? Is showing the author’s name important? What about videos or images? Answering all of these questions early on will help make sure your design is on point by the time you launch.


How big on blogging are you? Is it a key part of your website planning, or an afterthought that has you scrambling to see success? If your answer is afterthought – then you need our help. Get in touch with our team of blog-happy word nerds for advice on how to turn your blogging game around.

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