Why should you look at authority in online and offline branding

online and offline branding
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A strong brand design and unique identity is every bit as important as your website. If you work hard to create recognition and authority in your online presence, then your offline presence should reflect this too.

Even websites that have staked their claim in the online sphere, like Amazon and Alibaba, understand that real world presence is important. Alibaba recently ran physical pop up stores throughout China, whilst Amazon has purchased Wholefoods in a bid to claim physical real estate, as well as another toe in the ‘yuppie’ market. Customers and consumers want to tie your brand to something. That is why your branding should create authority across the board.

What is authority?

It’s important to note here that online branding and online authority are NOT the same thing, and both are huge topics. We are just going to dip our toes into an explanation of why they both need to work together with your offline branding for best results!

Your brand identity is how your company is perceived by its audience, whilst your authority is essentially a recognition of your brand’s identity and its expertise within its field. ‘Expertise’ does not necessarily relate to a doctorate, or lengthy whitepapers. You see the Fanta logo, and you instantly know it relates to an orange fizzy drink. You expect that orange fizzy drink to have a consistent taste, and to be made in a recognisable way.

Engage your audience

Brand mentions are a vital part of your strategy. Building relationships away from your website and social presence with others ensures that your mentions remain high, consistent, and quality. The Panda update to the Google algorithm draws some of the domain authority ranking from your incoming links from other sites. This is where you need to be engaging your audience across the board. Whether it is in your local area, in the form of TV, newsletter, even a branded pen, you need to be recognisable and visible.

Having confirmation that you are a real and trustworthy brand is still valuable, even in the digital area. This study by emarketer found that customers’ online spend at a male clothing site increased by 75{3eb5e81dc2dbd5243766a445dfd7203b99614852f30724c0fcd7c1e47478fab9} after they had visited a physical store. Customers have merged the online and offline shopping experience to create a unique journey; think about how often you research a product online before buying it in a shop on the high street?

Think of the funnel

This is why you must work to merge your online and offline strategy. Consider the top of the marketing funnel when you are looking to build awareness and attraction. Your brand should indicate exactly what you are all about; reinforcing this with both online and offline strategies works to build trust as well as awareness for the consumer. Consistency is key. If your offline branding is discordant with your online presence then recognition and trust will be an uphill struggle!

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