The Rise of React – Should you be learning it?

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In 2017, ReactJS skills were one of the fastest growing requirements in the web development sphere. Originally open sourced in 2013 and developed by a Facebook engineer, React has quickly become a necessity for anyone developing user interfaces in JavaScript. Previously React was mostly used in web apps, but it has now moved into apps (React Native) and VR (React VR). React is specifically designed for user interface creation and is ideal for integration into other projects. It is an ecosystem rather than a framework, and can be easily used within other architectures. Importantly, it’s a ‘good one for the future’, so it’s safe to invest time in learning this one!

React; a summary

So, the popularity of React in the front end development field is undeniable. It’s easy to learn, too; if you are already a Javascript developer then you can learn React in just a few hours. To create a user interface with React, you simple detail what you want, not how to build it, and React does the ‘how’. It removes the need for manual building. React is appropriately named because it is able to register changes in state and react accordingly. It allows you to break down large web applications into small and dynamic components that can be reconstructed on an individual basis, without the need for completely updating across the board.

Why learn React?

  • There is an established online library with plenty of tasks available if you don’t want to create them yourself.
  • Being championed by big names like Facebook and Netflix means it is properly supported, and therefore likely to be around for a while!
  • It’s easy to use and ‘other people like it’. What we mean is, it has positive reviews. Generally, if other coders enjoy using it then it means it will have a growing and supportive community.
  • The code is clean and easy to read. Using Javascript to build HTML can be messy; React keeps it neat.

We’ve kept this article short and sweet to answer the ‘should I?’ questions, but if you want a little more ‘reaction’ then why not get in touch with the Web Monkey Studio team? We’re a friendly bunch.

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