Sharks Can’t Swim Backwards- Why Outsourcing is the new Black (and how to make it work for you).

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We are an entrepreneurial society; small business is on the rise and, thanks to the growth of the digital marketplace, small enterprises can expand far beyond their ‘local’ market. No more big fish, small pond – this is the era of sharks. (Please note, this is said with admiration for a shark’s ability to migrate thousands of miles in search of what it needs, rather than their terrifying teeth).

However, thanks to the ability to swiftly build a successful business, entrepreneurs can find themselves quickly swept away in a tide of ‘to dos’. Small business owners may find themselves suddenly required to be in charge of tasks previously unknown to them, particularly as they try to take their business online; ‘website building’, ‘coding’ ‘branding’, ‘SEO’ and ‘ecommerce’, for example.

This is not what the shark set out to do, and suddenly they find their business stalled as they are required to reverse in order to learn a host of new skills they never wanted to. Sharks don’t reverse; in fact, sharks can’t swim backwards.

Enter, the outsourcing market. Previously given a bad name as big business dispatched their call centres etc to foreign workforces, outsourcing has come into its own in the past few years. Business owners have learnt to embrace handing over their less favoured tasks to experts, valuing their time as better spent focusing on their own skills and offering.

So, how can you ensure the success of your outsourcing?

    1. Look for experience fit. Choose an individual or agency who understand your core values and motives, and have the know-how from working on similar projects. Selecting someone who shares your values should also ensure that you understand the way they work. Although ‘being friends’ is not the goal, your working relationship should be productive and conducive to a positive conversation!
    2. Understand your project before you outsource it. Even if you are asking for a creative solution, understand what ultimately you are hoping to achieve, as well as your timescale and budget restrictions.
    3. Don’t forget about support. Are you likely to need assistance with the project once it is handed over? Does outsourcing lock you out of being able to self-edit the project? There is nothing worse than trying to update a website three months down the line and discovering you don’t how. If you will need support, check costs and availability with your provider.

Finally, embrace it. Sharks are good at what they do; they don’t worry about not being able to swim backwards! Not only are you supporting other businesses, you are giving yourself more time and space to do what you do best – and ultimately to succeed in your enterprise.

Looking to outsource? Fortunately, sea monkeys can swim backwards, and our sea monkeys are great at it! If you’re looking to outsource, then get in touch with our team to see what we can do for you today.

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