The importance of quality over quantity

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The importance of quality over quantity when it comes to content

When producing content, consistent quality is imperative, regardless of how regularly you post it. Quality content seeks to answer questions users may have on topics related to the industry you’re in, so knowing your target audience’s wants and needs is key.

The benefit of posting out good quality content is that it adds value to your site, meaning the more people that trust you, the more sales and business opportunities you get in return. It is well-known that search engines such as Google prefer content that’s full of quality.

If you’re posting irrelevant, poorly put-together and/or duplicate content, you could find yourself being penalised by Google. The reason for this penalisation is that content that is bad quality, and has been a simple copy and paste job, doesn’t give any value – why should users visit your site if exactly the same answers are found elsewhere, or your content doesn’t provide any substance to what your audience are looking for?

What can you do to ensure your content is always top quality?

Look at what you’ve already been posting

  • Examining all your published content can establish a pattern of what is and isn’t working content-wise; you can also try and find gaps that your competitors aren’t filling, and keep ahead of the content curve!

Spend time researching

  • To make your answers to relevant topics top quality, spend time researching them in-depth. This way users can find everything they’re looking for in your one piece of content, and won’t have to look elsewhere. However, if there is something you can’t cover and feel there’s a better explanation on another site, linking to it is advantageous, particularly if that site has a high authority and value.

Don’t post as often

  • If posting too much is affecting the quality of what you’re writing, don’t be afraid to stop posting as regularly. This will allow you more time for writing better, more valuable pieces that users will get more from.

Look for key dates / events

  • Always plan ahead, seeing what industry dates and events may be coming up so you utilise them and develop pieces of content around them. This will allow you to plan your content more effectively, with a clear view of the editorial horizon.

Explore other content mediums

  • Don’t be afraid to post content through other mediums, other than blog posts! Think about putting together videos, ebooks, infographics, whitepapers or case studies, the list is endless. This can have an extremely positive response, particularly when implemented via email to your subscribers. They will feel loved and really engaged with your brand.

Tracking content performance

  • Seeing how your content fares by tracking its performance through analytics will help you tailor your approach with future pieces. You will be able to “predict” which types of content are most likely going to perform well.

What quality content have you been producing lately?

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